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This Wiki site has been developed to assist students preparing for the AP Psychology Exam. The site contains information written by various teachers and/or their classes throughout the country detailing the famous psychologists listed in the teacher's AP Psychology Course Description book.

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While we have done everything in our power to insure the material presented on this Wiki page is correct, we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy. This site is not endorsed by the College Board and is meant only as a tool for students to learn about famous people throughout the history of psychology and prepare for the AP Psychology Exam. Please do not assume the listing of people here is all inclusive. For more information on the AP Psychology exam visit the College Board website at http://www.collegeboard.com

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Everyone visiting famouspsychologists.wikispaces.com currently has viewing rights to all pages. To insure the accuracy of these pages, only registered AP Psychology teachers are allowed writing/editing rights. To become a registered member of the site, teachers must have or create a Wikispace account and request membership to the Famous Psychologists Wiki. Click on the "Join this Wiki" tag at the top left corner of any page. In the box provided please include the:
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Wiki Page Writing Guidelines

  • Try to be as complete yet concise as possible with each entry.
  • For psychologists listed more than once in the Course Description Book (see the list below) make sure the information provided is pertinent to that specific unit. (i.e. Freud's personality theory should be in the Personality unit, his psychosexual stages in the Development Unit, and his therapy in the Treatment unit).
    • Albert Bandura (Learning, Developmental Psychology and Personality)
    • Charles Darwin (History and Approaches, and Biological Bases of Behavior)
    • Sigmund Freud (History and Approaches, States of Consciousness, Developmental Psychology, Personality and Treatment)
    • William James (History and Approaches, States of Consciousness and Motivation and Emotion)
    • Abraham Maslow (Motivation and Emotion and Personality)
    • Ivan Pavlov (History and Approaches and Learning)
    • Jean Piaget (History and Approaches and Developmental Psychology)
    • Carl Rogers (History and Approaches, Personality and Treatment)
    • B.F. Skinner (History and Approaches,Learning and Treatment)
    • John B. Watson (History and Approaches and Learning)
  • Feel free to add a small picture of the famous psychologists
  • Please do not include hyperlinks to other web pages within the bio. If desired, please add the links at the end. These pages should stand alone and not need going to another website. Some students will print out the pages to study from.
  • Do not include biographical data unless it is needed to explain a theory, concept, study, etc. of the person. Knowing that Freud got married in 1886 is not going to help a student on the AP Psychology Exam.
  • To help insure accuracy, students are allowed to write biographies for this Wikipage, but only registered AP Psychology teachers will have writing/editing rights.
  • Students will only have viewing rights to the Wiki.
  • Teachers please proof your student's work before uploading it to the Wiki page.
  • Any registered teacher may make changes to any bio on the site, not just those they submitted. These pages should be evolving, not static, documents.